Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eco Friendly Toys

Eco Friendly Toys

Today’s society is starting to go green which is great for our environment and our children’s safety. With so many toys recently being recalled for high lead levels and small choking hazards, it’s nice to start to see toys being made simpler. Our generation’s kid’s toys are starting to trend back to the old fashioned green toys of yesteryear.

Eco friendly toys are made using sustainable and non toxic products. Non toxic toys are perfect because they help the environment and are much safer for our children. Some examples of non toxic toys are organic playdoh, soy wax crayons, non toxic finger paints and more. Many green toys are being made out of sustainable materials such as rubberwood, silk, bamboo and wool.

Miss Brittany from Organic Fun Dough has followed this trend by creating eco friendly play dough for kids. She has created organic playdough for toddlers and kids of all ages. Being a teacher she knows what it takes to keep our kids safe while allowing them to enjoy their playtime.

Many eco friendly toys are being produced by hand which is cutting down on big factory production and stimulating small businesses around the world. Green toys are starting to appear in the larger toy stores but most can still be found on online stores or specialty stores offering toys made with sustainable materials and those toys that are non toxic.

Kids and parents are enjoying the new eco friendly toys and their simplicity. Most green toys don’t use batteries and are hard to break. Toys such as dolls, puppets and simple blocks are imagination powered. There are no flashing lights and silly songs. The fact that these toys are non toxic is also a plus. You don’t have to worry about your child chewing on lead or plastic toxic materials.

Our society’s push to go green is extremely positive for our children and the eco friendly toys it’s producing. Green toys are non toxic which is important for our children’s health. They are sustainable which is helpful for our planet’s health. They are imagination powered with is better for our children’s education and overall development. Overall, they are important to our children and our planet.

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